Indonesia Show
 2016 Indonesia Construction Machinery Exhibition

Show Name: Indonesia International Construction Machinery Exhibition and infrastructure construction
Exhibition Date: November 2016 9-11
Venue: Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC)
Organizer: PT Infrastructure Asia (A Tarsus Group Company)
Show range: earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, cranes, aerial work machinery, forklift trucks and industrial vehicles, piling and non-excavation machinery, tools and systems construction, construction site, prestressed steel machinery, decoration machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, drilling machines and start the tools, parts and accessories and so on.
Green energy saving products, doors and windows shading, roof structure, glass, wall materials, wood products, interior decoration, chemical building materials, garden stone, ceramic sanitary ware, building electrical, engineering design, project contracting and services.
Display forms: in kind, supplemented by pictures, models, samples and multimedia presentations. Standards can be rented booths to display light, but also according to the requirements of enterprises for special booth decoration.


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