Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig HZ-180YY
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HZ-180YY drilling rig on a common drilling rig based on drill shift slide, can achieve rapid replacement of tools to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
Scope of application
1, the rig is suitable for high speed drilling exploration, geophysical exploration, road and construction exploration and blast hole drilling engineering.
2, according to the different selection of alloy substrates, and composite films such as diamond drilling.
3, drilling 2-9 sandy clay and rock layer.
Main features:
1, with automatic feed mechanism of oil pressure, improve drilling efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
2, the ball card holding mechanism instead of chuck, can be implemented without shutdown rod, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
3, installation of hoist holder, forming structure of double support wheel, can withstand strong impact.
4, vertical box four sets of bearing positioning, ensure the gyrator is sufficiently rigid to the gravel layer, gravel layer and complicated geological conditions.
5, the machine adopts the taper clutch of national patent technology, with large transmission torque, convenient operation, outstanding maintenance free characteristics.

Tractor parameter
Drilling depth 180m
Maximum opening diameter φ75-φ220mm
End hole diameter 46-75mm
Active drill pipe 53/59*4200mm
Drill pipe diameter φ42-φ50mm
Dip angle of hole   90°~75°
Matching power (diesel engine) 13.2/2200kW/r/min
Structure weight / size 2.4*0.8*1.3
A vertical scroll of painting
Vertical speed 130/300/480/730/830/1045r/min
Vertical travel 450mm
Single rope lifting force 2100
Single rope hoisting speed 0.35-2.23m/s
Drum diameter φ140mm
Wire rope diameter   φ9.3mm
Wire rope capacity 27m
Rated load 18
Effective height   6.5m
Tower leg specifications φ73mm
Mud pump
Model BW95
Flow 95L/min
Maximum pressure 1.2Mpa
Reciprocating frequency 93 times / min
Diameter of water suction pipe φ51mm
Diameter of high pressure pipe φ32mm

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