Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig XY-3B
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Rig using MW525 type automobile gear box assembly, cloud 490 power train, with 10 Speed series and reasonable speed range, large torque, strong bearing capacity, can realize remote control transmission, convenient for operation.
1, the installed power of large, with a 2 speed reversal of the speed, easy to deal with the accident.
2, the control handle is concentrated, the layout is reasonable and compact, the operation is simple, flexible and reliable.
3, a normally closed type hydraulic chuck, convenient and flexible operation.
4, the independent operation can realize vertical shaft and hoist.
5, vertical through-hole diameter, can be replaced by six party Kelly.

Tractor parameter
Drilling depth 530m
Borehole diameter 75-300mm
Opening diameter 300mm
End hole diameter 75mm
Drill pipe Φ60
Dip angle of hole   90°--65°
A vertical scroll of painting
Vertical axis rotation speed 32-1057r/min
Vertical velocity inversion 29-137r/min
Vertical travel 600mm
Vertical hole diameter 96mm
Vertical lifting capacity 60kN
Single rope hoisting speed 0.5-1.9m/s
Wire rope diameter   12.5mm
Single rope lifting capacity 30kN
Drum diameter  300mm
Drum capacity 65m
Mud pump
mud pump BW-250 mud pump
Discharge 250L/min
Working pressure  80kgcm²
Inlet Size 76mm
Outlet pipe diameter 51mm
Gear pump 
Double gear oil pump CBF-F63/25
Front flow pressure 63L/min 20Mpa
Post flow pressure 25L/min 20Mpa
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