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Core Drilling Rig XY-44A
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XY-44A core drill is core drilling equipment based on diamond and hard alloy, mainly used in metallurgy, coal, geology, hydrology, engineering and other industries, also can be used in engineering geological exploration, shallow oil and gas mining, mine tunnel ventilation,  water well drilling, large diameter pile foundation engineering construction.
The main features of XY-44A type drilling rig
1, The rig has more speed series (grade 12 to 2 positive inversion) and reasonable speed range, low-speed torque (up to 8000N.m), which is suitable for alloy, diamond core drilling, also suitable for engineering geological investigation.
 2, vertical through-hole diameter (93mm), double cylinder hydraulic feeding, long stroke (up to 600mm), strong adaptability, suitable for large diameter drill rope core (upper core drilling), is conducive to improve the drilling efficiency.
3, Hydraulic chuck clamping disc shaped spring, hydraulic release, three slip type hydraulic automatic centering.
4,The hydraulic system adopts gear oil pump, simple installation, convenient use, less power consumption, low oil temperature in hydraulic system, stable work. System equipped with hand pump, when the engine does not work when the hand pump is still available from the drill hole. 
5,rig low center of gravity, moving long distance (460mm), stable fixation, high speed drilling stability.
6, with a vibration meter, to grasp the hole. Hand manipulation, flexible manipulation

Main technical parameters
Core drilling machine
Drill pipe type Drill pipe specification (mm) Drilling depth (m)
Plain drill pipe Internal thickening type 42 1400
50 1000
60 830
 wire-line coring  
55.5 1250
71 1000
89 800
DCDMA Rig Rod BQ Rig Rod 1300
NQ Rig Rod 1000
HQ Rig Rod 750
PQ Rig Rod 420
Extra thick 60mm 800
73mm 500
89mm 300
Drilling angle 0°~360°
Power Model Power Speed
Diesel engine Y225S-4 37KW 1480 r/min
Motor CA4110 81KW 2800 r/min
Rotary device
Type: double cylinder hydraulic feeding rotary machinery
Diameter φ93
Vertical speed
Forward(r/min) 60/90/166/272/379/481/183/296/514/835/1164/1476
Reversal(r/min) 63/198
Maximum torque 8000N·m
Vertical travel 600mm
Maximum gravity 125KN
Maximum plus pressure 90KN
Type: planetary gear drive, hand brake
Diameter of wire rope φ18.5mm
Drum rope capacity 95m
Maximum lifting force of single rope 45KN
Rope hoisting speed
Drum line speed(m/s) 0.7-2.68m/s 
(Third layer)
Type: dry single - type friction clutch for automobile
Hydraulic system
System pressure
Rated pressure 20Mpa
Maximum pressure 25Mpa
The amount of discharge 20ml/r
Type: slide type (with sliding base)
Drill back stroke 460mm
The orifice distance 260mm
Overall size (L * w * h) 3050*1100*1920mm
Weight (excluding power) 2300kg
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