Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig XYC-200
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1, XYC - 200GT truck mounted drilling rig for multi-function hydraulic car vertical shaft rotary drilling rig
2, automobile chassis by tang, showing card chassis, drill transmission system and winding, mud pump, and other important accessories installed in the chassis, rational layout is compact, easy to operate
3, configuration, BW - 160 type of mud pump, high pressure, large flow, ensure the drilling depth and drilling diameter
4, drill from mobile devices, can be achieved before and after the host's own mobile drilling rig, facilitate the wellhead operation
5, hydraulic drill tower of ups and downs type automatic telescopic rig, safe and convenient operation.
To adapt to the range:
The exploration, geological roads and tall buildings foundation exploration, as well as a variety of concrete structure inspection hole, river levee, roadbed grouting hole drilling and grouting directly, civil water well and geothermal central air conditioning, etc.

Item Number
Drilling method Rotary
Drilling depth 200meter
Drilling hole diameter ¢75mm-¢300mm
Power 15 KW

Rig working outside size 

Length 5995mm
Width 2060mm
Height 7500mm
Rig weight 1500kg
Drilling Kelly 53/59*4 meter
Drilling rod ¢50mm
Drilling bit ¢75mm-¢300mm
Spindle 64、128、287、557
Hoist Hoist reel ¢140mm
Single lifting speed 0.12、0.22、0.49、0.95
Single lifting force 24KN
Wire line capacity 35 meters
Wire line size ¢13mm
Mast Loading capacity 5T
Mast height 6m
Mast leg 160×120×6
Swivel Max lifting force 50KN
Equipped hoise ¢50mm
Mud pump diameter
Model BW-160
Displacement 160L/min
Working pressure 1.3Mpa
Reciprocate times 165 times/min
Truck Model OuLingZB1043LSDS
Motor mode/ power LN4D27E3/66KW
Seating capacity 3+3

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