Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig XYC-22A
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Main features:
1, XYC - 200 automotive rig for multi-function hydraulic car vertical shaft rotary drilling rig
2, drilling drive system and winding, mud pump, and other important accessories installed in the chassis, rational layout is compact, easy to operate
3, configuration, BW - 160 type of mud pump, high pressure, large flow, ensure the drilling depth and drilling diameter
4, drill from mobile devices, can be achieved before and after the host's own mobile drilling rig, facilitate the wellhead operation
5, hydraulic drill tower of ups and downs folding rig, safe and convenient operation.
To adapt to the range:
The exploration, geological roads and tall buildings foundation exploration, as well as a variety of concrete structure inspection hole, river levee, roadbed grouting hole drilling and grouting directly, civil water well and geothermal central air conditioning, etc.

Unity machine parameter
Drilling depth 30--200m
End hole caliber 500-75mm
Drill rod caliber 50mm
Drilling angle 90°~75°
Drill weight (No include power) 910kg
Unity machine dimensions 2.5×1×1.3  2.5×0.9×1.3m
spindle speed 64、128、287、557r/min
Spindle stroke  450mm
Max. single line hoisting capacity 2400kg
Single line lifting speed 17、35、75、151r/min  
Tightrope caliber 12.5mm
Tightrope cubic measure 35m
Hug floodgate caliber 254mm
Hug floodgate belt width 70mm
Distance between drill and hole 400mm
Mud pump - Specifications
Type Horizontal single urn twin-action
Displacement  170L/min
Diesel engine S1115 Model  22HP
Electric motor Y160M—4 15kw 1440r/min
Maximum pressure 1.5Mpa
Work pressure 0.7Mpa
Water inlet caliber 40mm
Water to exit caliber 30mm
Triangle conveyer belt B1728mm
Suit  scope 
Water well , exploration 
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