Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig XYD-130
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Rubber track drill, the drill has the following advantages:
1, with automatic telescopic drill rigs, with two high strength oil cylinder support, a set of hydraulic valve control rigs operating supine, time-saving, safe and reliable, to maximize the benefits for users to create.
2, the rubber crawler chassis, lighter weight, lower life-cycle costs, can reduce vehicle walking mechanism noise, reduce vehicle vibration, can greatly reduce the fuel consumption, in the city roads do not hurt the pavement.
3, with four high strength thread chassis supporting legs (or hydraulic high leg) installation and adjustment is convenient, can be used for plane leveling, loading and unloading hoisting reduce cost and improve efficiency, can be used as auxiliary support work.
4, using 48V electric start diesel engine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators, especially in the cold season, the diesel engine is difficult to start, but also show the great superiority.
5, the suitable BW-160 independent mud pump, pump flow, pressure, convenient maintenance, spare parts all over the country to facilitate the purchase
6, optional models have XYD-200/XYD-180/XYD-130 type.
7, optional hydraulic twisting machine, improve work efficiency, reduce the labor cost.

Whole machine parameter
Drilling depth 200m
Maximum opening diameter φ75-φ300mm
End hole diameter 75mm
Active drill pipe 53/59*4200mm
Drill pipe diameter φ50、φ60mm
Borehole inclination 90°~75°
Matching power (diesel engine) 15/2200kW/r/min
Structure weight / size 1150kg/2700*950*1770
A vertical scroll of painting
Vertical speed 64、128、287、557r/min
Vertical travel 450mm
Single rope lifting force 24kN
Single rope hoisting speed 0.12、0.22、0.49、0.95m/s
Drum diameter φ140mm
Diameter of wire rope φ13mm
Wire rope capacity 35m
Rated load 5t
Effective height 6m
Tower leg specifications φ89mm
Slime pump
Model BW160
Flow 160L/min
Maximum pressure 1.3Mpa
Reciprocating frequency 165次/min
Diameter of water suction pipe φ51mm*4.5m
Diameter of high pressure pipe φ32mm*6m
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