Core Drilling Rig
Core Drilling Rig XYX-3
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Main features:
1, the rig is equipped with wheel running mechanism and hydraulic prop, the relocation is convenient, easy to adjust horizontal rig.
2, with the oil pressure feeding mechanism, improve the drilling efficiency.
3, the rig is equipped with an upper spherical jaw holding mechanism instead of chuck, can be implemented without shutdown rod, high working efficiency, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
4, equipped with bottom hole pressure indicator pressure, easy to grasp the hole.
5, lifting tower for hydraulic operation, convenient and reliable.
6, diesel engine with electric starting, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Tractor parameter
Drilling depth 100   250    300   600m
Borehole diameter 300    200    150    75mm
Opening diameter 300mm
End hole diameter 75mm
Rig rod Φ60mm
 Dip angle of hole 90°--65°
A vertical scroll of painting
The vertical speed 30-1050r/min
Vertical velocity inversion 29-137r/min
Vertical travel 600mm
Vertical hole diameter   96mm
Single rope hoisting speed 0.5、0.9、1.4、1.9m/s
Diameter of wire rope 12.5mm
Band width 90mm
Drum diameter  300mm
Drum capacity 65m
Maximum lifting capacity of single rope 30kN
Mud pump
 BW-250 mud pump
The amount of discharge 250L/min
 Working pressure  7Bar
Inlet pip Size 75mm
Outlet pipe diameter 50mm
Drilling rig power  
Diesel engine YN27/39kw/2400rpm
Generating Y180L-4 22KW
Wheel bearing capacity 3.5T
Wheel type chassis length 2.6m
Wheel chassis width 2m
Wheel chassis height  0.6M

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