Pile Driver
FY200 Pile Driver
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Scope of application: suitable for photo voltaic engineering, solar power base, piling, engineering blasting drilling, with a machine dual-use, torque, piling fast, flexible and efficient and so on.

Main technical parameters:
Weight(T) 4.5
Size (mm) 3200*1800*2600
Drilling depth (m) 180
First push length (mm) 2000
Walking speed (KM/H) 2
Single machine climbing ability (Max) 30
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 250
Pitch angle (Max) 0-90
Drill arm swing angle (Max) 0-25
Host power (KW) 65
Rotation speed (RPM) 48-70
Rotary torque (N, m) 4200-5600
Carriage compensation distance (mm) 850
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