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Portable generator set
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diesel power generator Movable low-noise power station, through the scientific design, adopts the advanced technology of acoustics and air flow fied and reaches environmental protection requirements in noise and discharge. It is applicable for the urban emergency and standby power supplies of hospital, hotel, restaurant, office building, emporium, municipal administration engineering, etc.
“KEREX” movable generating plant is special power supply designed for field operating, the framework of plant adopts beam channel welding to be framework structure, the joint selection is rational with high strength and good rigidity, meanwhile, it also is installed with steel plate spring suspending mechanism. The outer casing is made of super-quality steel plate galvanized, which owns characteristic of excellent corrosive-proof and sealing performance, the window of four sides adopts auto hydraulic supporting, with simply opening. The chassis wheel can be designed to be two-wheel, four-wheel and six-wheel according to user demand, while, there are manual, pneumatic and hydraulic driving braking devices provided for selection bu user. Besides, this plant also can be installed with standard plug of direction and braking indicator.
Suitable for construction of open fixed site, may preven rain, snow, and storm Con-venient installation, simple operation, with good application effects.
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